UX, UI, Visual, Prototyping

About the Project

I was a freelancer desginer working with the Taiwan company StyleUp. Having a mobile app already at testing phase, they wanted to build an online platform for salons in Taipei and customers. The website would have two user groups: salons and customers.
Salons can post their services and availabilites. Customers can search for these services and make online reservations.
My task was to understand my client's requirements and build primary wireframes from website users' actions. Then after the client aggreed, I designed the high-fidelity prototypes for further development.

Color Palette

Client provided the company's logo so I adopted the colors used from the logo to keep a consistent look.

Wireframing and Low-fidelity Prototype

The client requests for two entrances: one for customers and one for salon/stylists.
Customers can do the following upon using this website:

  1. Search salons with criterias such as locations, available services, availabilities, etc.
  2. Make reservation with a stylist's service in a salon and pay by credit card.
  3. Register for an account
  4. Message salon about details or ask questions.
  5. Give ratings and reviews to salons he/she has been.
Salons can do the following:
  1. View and edit its calendar for each day.
  2. Manually add and invite customers.
  3. Edit its info: services, availabilities, photos, address, etc.
  4. As an admin of its own space, it can send invitation to its stylists
  5. Message with its customers

After I understand users' actions in their process, I used Axure to wireframe where each block should be to make users' journey efficient and intuitive.

Customer's View
Salon's View

High-fidelity Prototype, Final Design

Left: Homepage.
Right: Salon Profile page
From left to right: 1) Client's favorite salons; 2) Client Profile; 3) Search page; 4) Client's reservations; 5) New user invitation