Dianrong Subsite: Ronglc

UI & Visual

About the Project

During my internship at Dianrong in 2015, I was the web design intern at the marketing team. The purpose of the subsite was to serve as a content-heavy website with information about lending services available in the market.
My involvement included the visual design of the homepage from logo to banners, and its registration page.

Color Palette

The website's orignal version was created with blue mainly and yellow as highlighting color. We decided to follow the color palette in the new design.


I took letter "R" from the name of the website "Ronglc" and incorporated it with the shape of a Chinese traditional coin as a symbol of money. To let the "R" stand out more, I used a contrasting orange from color palette on it and the rest of the circle blue. The orange color also resembles the color of a coin.


As a hero image, this banner had large space to convey the message. I decided to make the headline in the middle with bold type and bullet points with icons. Icons helped for instant understandings. To make the background more interesting, I added "sun" and "mountain" to create a relaxing feeling -- hopefully by the service provided in the website.

Originally I used the left version. Then I realized there were too many colors in the one banner, so I changed all the contents we wanted to highlight into the orange color from the site's color palette.

Old version
Final version

Homepage and Registration page UI

UI stayed consistent with DianRong main site's clean and sleek feel.